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January 18th, 2006


Short of time

Going slightly mad trying to find documents needed to complete tax returns before going away for two and a half weeks.....
my office is outside the house and not centrally heated so the temperature gets pretty cool overnight and needs to be warmed for half an hour or so at least to make it workable in-able.
So back February after a trip to France.
Was away last weekend on a mens weekend,and have had trips to Newcastle and Southport in addition.

Post edited from teh.s tells you more.

Evening all.......all seems very quiet again/still,,,,I've been away for the weekend and nothing but nothing seems to have changed now I'm back....
had a great time in Cumbria at Grange over Sands though the Sands is a bit of a misnomer, Grange over Saltmarsh might be more accurate. The River Kent used to run agfainst the North side of its estuary but now it has moved to the south side and there is just a wide expanse of green grassy stuff cut through by run off channels which make it a very dodgy place to walk on.... went for a Men's weekend, there were 42 of us all told and we sang together to 6 string, 12 string and base guitars and an accordian and were led through a study of Gideon in four sessions with an amazing story from Bolivia in a fifth session rounding off with a communion service......we had a great time..... and the food was excellent.
If we make a world unfit for other people and other species to live in,we will end up with a world not fit for ourselves.