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February 11th, 2006


Home again.....but is there anybody there?

Had a superb three weeks going to France, staying there and coming back again, even if it did mean I was away from the net, the news,television and the telephone. The end of the world could have come and we wouldn't have known about it......well perhaps we might have but you know what I mean, but I've been wondering, looking back whether anybody reads what I write, I know of one correspondent down under and on in the US, and there are some friends on the list but it would be interesting to learn that I was not just writing for my own amusement but that someone out there was actutally reading it, so if you are what do you think at my joy at being totally isolated from the world as I have been recently.....would you welcome it? or love it for a while? or simply hate it? Do let me know ...