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March 10th, 2006


Time flies

.tempus fugit inexorabile....thats Latin and goes back a bit(first century) - it is also on the Town Hall clock in Swadlincote, Derbyshire Can't believe its so long since the last post....
I'm a bit sad that when I asked if there was anybody there I only had one response. Thanks Sweetpea.

Spring is on its way though the forecast for the North East of England says more snow this weekend(glad I am in the North West even though Tim calls it the deep south)

Last autumn I planted a whole lot of bulbs including snowdrops,which are usually rated to be the first of the season to flower.....so far no snowdrops...but the crocousus are in bud and showing colour, the irises are in leaf as they have been for some time now, the daffs and hyacinths are in bud (one the hyacinths is tinged pink) but the grape hyacinths are only showing leaf.
Meanwhile the early morning birdsong is simply fabulous...only problem is we have to go outdoors to hear it...double glazing keeps out more than just the cold.

The squirrels seem to have redisvoered teh squirrel feeder and now feed from that as well as from the bird table and the bird seed put out ofr the birds.
Blue tits have found the bird boxes and spent timeperching on themm though as yet I have not seen one enter either of them.

The trees show little sign of breaking out n green, the evergreens excepted,which show little change. The Rhododendron in next doors garden looks decidedly droopy....the leaves not th bush....and from time to time the beeches in the ssopse at the back shed a few more of their still brown leaves....thats fine except when you have just raked the lawn and the wind then gets up and sprinkles a few more on it....in March I ask you...