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March 11th, 2006


Bird seed

Came back today with a big bag of Sunflower Hearts, 22.5Kg for just over £29 as opposed to the RSPB pack of 10KG for which we paid over £20 in the summer..... these were not specially packed for the birds but were prepared for Chinese Catering, they were in beautiful condition and for the most part unbroken.
Within a very short time of refilling the big feeder with th em ( I had been reduced to coarse bird seed) I counted thirteen species in the garden. On the feeder itself we had bullfinches(male and female), greenfinch, bluetit great tit and robin,all within minutes of refilling, I wonder whether we will get the goldfinches back and if so how long it will take them to rediscover their favourite seed. At the shop they showed me the supposed No 1. bird seed.....Niger or somethinglike that,but it wouldn't be much use in my feeders.... you need a special feeder for it with a keyhole opening through which the birds pick out minute seeds.....