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April 5th, 2006


April weather

Skies are blue and through the glass of the windows the sun is warm though there was a distinctly chilly feel to things when I went outside earlier. It needed quite a lot of effort to remove the ice from the car windows.If today continues like this it will be a lovely day, not that yesterday was not a lovely day only it wasn't lovely in the same way. There were clouds then and pitiful attempts by those clouds to make everything wet,not enough even to justify the term drizzle but enough to remind one of the possibilities, and then we got the hail blast when the little white bits just bounced off the ground and if they hit you in the face or on your clothes they bounced off there as well, and then there were the blue sky moments when the sun shone and the jacket you wore because of the cold and the wind and the threat of rain made you feel just absolutely too warm. Having said all it was a lovely day and the company and the scenery were wonderful even if some of the views could have been improved.

Homo sapiens they call our species! "Homo idioticus" more like. Why o why must people muck the environment up in the way they do.When I open my curtains in the morning I am met by the site of a six goot wire mesh fence topped with barbed wire, which tries not very successfully to keep a patch of woodland off the road. A few yards along a big white and black sign intrudes the view across a gateway proclaiming "PRIVATE TRESPASSERS WILL BE PROSECUTED" and the gate is padlocked.......which makes it all the more annoying that beyond the fence lies a litter of bottles and cans and plastic bags which the owner of the Private Land has done nothing about since long before he put up the intrusive Keep Out notice.

Yesterday the litter was the only thing that spoiled the day, bottles and poly styrene fast food containers and plastic bags floated in the canal; from an industrial site huge cans the size of dustbins dribbled down a slope and intothe water.I was reminded of the time when it was possible to get 1p for an aluminium can and I collected enough to earn £100 by walking through the local park each morning for a period of months. Today recycling is the in word but it somehow hasn't penetrated the skulls of so many of our contemporaries. If I had black sacks with me I could have filleddozens and dozens with the stuff I could reach let alonnnnnnne the stuff I couldn;t have reached......Aaaagh.