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April 7th, 2006



Just about three hours each way...... both journeys fine, this morning was sunny and bright and a beautiful spring day, tonight there was moonlight and stars and the skyline had black silhouettes of trees against a deep dark blue sky.

Coffee was on offer when I arrived but I asked for tea, I had had a Mocha at the M'way services.
Then to pick up something T had left at work, and a visit to the Royal Quays, thugh why they aare Royal I really don't know.The Quays is a collection of mainly expensive retail outlets with unlimited parking(almost)WE tried out the Thorntons Chocolate Shop icecream. I had Chocolate Orange and raspberry Cream in a sugar cone,half covered with chocolate. It was ab fab. T had Rum and Raisin and Toffee flavoured scoops in his and didn;t think they were quite so exceptional but I had branched out into the unknown and he had stuck with tried and tested........
Then to the beach, sun shining and a little breeze, the sand was flat the sea small, no surfers out today, andhere and there across the beach there were bands of black coal dust......at one time the whole beach would have been black but they no longer tip coal mine wastes over the cliffs up the coast and the amount of floating coal fragments is greatly reduced.There was however enough breeze for the big kite fliers to be there and one had a sandboard though If he had got it in tow this morning it was before we arrived

The beach cafe was packed when we arrived but soon thinned out, we walked in!
Panninis ,they had sold all the Jacketpotatoes , I had chicken and bacon in mine, and there was a teaspoonful of coleslaw and a few crisps to go with it.

T made tea when we got back to Newcastle. Tuna steaks, fantastic, with spuds boiled in their skins with butter and parsley dressing. Fresh rasps and meringue nests and double cream to finish....talk about spoiling me.