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April 10th, 2006


(no subject)

Heavy overnight frost.....had to really scrape the car before L went out this morning but the sky is blue and I mean blue, the birds are singing, the hyacinths are taking colour into their previously green buds......but somewhere in Kent had 12 (yes twelve)inches of snow over night.

Trying to sort out my photographs....just had ten films returned to me, two were L's which I included with mine to fill the envelope but the other eight go back to last summer. The first three were easy.....but the five from the French trip were more tricky.....we did tend to revisit some areas more than once and I know that when the digital shots I took failed we went back to try again, and most of the time I carried film as well so the next job after putting the films in chronological order and identifying the individula pics will be to integrate that series with the digital already on computer.

At least now they are in order even if I cannot name every place or item shown on them, some are good, some not so good, some totally useless. I think it is strange how having used a digital camera and learned to discard those that were less than good enough from digital shots I find it easier to consider dong the same for film shing to booots, soemthing I was loathe to do before, it was like having a book, because it had been snapped and processed and printed it therefore had value, it had to have value..... and now I have weeded out from most of the sets of prints those that are US and are not needed.

In the same way I am having to reduce my book stock which is no bad thing considering how many of them have been totally unread since I first acquired them.......some have actually been binned, some are going to book sales and some I may actually try to sell book by book... and some may even find a place in my much reduced library.

Well today has been fine and dry and now there is a halo round the moon, caused by high stratus clouds....... I have lost the tread f o what I was originally oging to right when the computer went off earlier with two paragraphs started....... now hours later I find the two paragraphs were saved and recoverable but I can;t remember where they were going.
E mail has been dodgy all day......but it seems to be working now.....