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June 1st, 2006


The Garden

The trees are clothed with green once more, at the back of the house the buildings beyond the strip of woodland have disappeared again until the autumn, the crows nest in the top of the branches towering over the garden has been hidden by verdure, and the bird life has settled down to a regular state. The crowds of winter visitors have departed, no more gold finches, at least for the time being bult the black headed great tits and blue tits still cisit regularly as do smaller numbers of greenfinch and bull finch. The Magpie is still a regular visitor and we hope above hope that it will have no succcess when the blue tits in the box choose to leave their place of security. It is fascinating to watch the parents tooing and froing from the box, it really doesn;t take then long to off load their food to the little ones each time they come back and they are welcomed by a tweeter tweeter tweeter which we can expect to get louder as they grow in size.
This afternoon there was another visit from a Jay a magnificent member of the Crow family, but the real imperium belongs
to the glossy black crows which despite their size are timid, more timid than any of our other visitors.