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July 26th, 2006


Oh the heat.......

I............its almpost overwhelming......it certainly slows one down......sometimes it puts one to sleep...... the thermometers have reguarly registered over eighty during the day and there is just so much to do with the move coming up only thirteen days away.....

It's odd how we make assumptions.
The squirrels have been very destructive.
While the bird feeder was in the tree in the front garden and the squirrels got at iti and threatened to wreck it completely
we neverthless did have the pleasure of watching some birds visit it andin particular there were longtailed and coal tits, both of which seemed very picky about what they would eat from the mixture of seeds it contained. They would sit on the perch scattering rejected seed in all directions.....sometimes the magpie, sometimes the pigeons and perhaps there were others would come along and eat up the scattered stuff, but they didn;t quite vaccuum cleam the patch under the tree and this year we have watched the growth of a wonderful patch of wheat and oats,spring up. Some of the wheat plants had upto nine stems from a single seed and each stem had as many perhaps a hundred seeds attached to it, a prodigeous yield,and we were looking forward to the crop ripening.
Then the other day I noticed three stems of the wheat broken over and stripped of their seeds and I immediately blamed the squirrels, since then at an accelerating rate the crop has gone over and heads have been stripped bare,leaving just a few bracts on theupper stem, but it wasn;t the squirrels, it was wood pigeons . AS fast as I cleared up broken stems, more would keel over, stripped: I began to wonder how long it would be before there was none left. At the moment there is still some, and it is losing its green colour. Time will tell.