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October 19th, 2006


A glorious trip

The day dawned wet and getting wetter.....and I had agreed to a trip to York. The forcast was abominable but my lift arrived on time oblivious of the deluge threatened and to my surprise took a cross country route, avoiding the worst messups on the Motorways and we arrived late morning to find the weather fining up,though it was all very wet underfoot.
We walked around the walls of the city,(1.9 miles in total)found a dry undercover seat at just about the time we wanted to eat our picnic lunches and rounded off with a trip round the National Railway Museum.....I had been before a long time ago .......I think the most surprising thing this time was to see just how huge some of the locos were.
Mallard seemed absolutely massive......unbelievably massive.......and there were two engines that purported to be the Rocket......always thought that was mounted on Darlington Station and someone else said it was in London so who knows? As we returned there was blue sky up above and the sun was shining. The change in the weather showed clearly in my series of photographs taken on Digital as we walked round.....and I named the shots from a map of the city which foolishly I had left at home....... there is always someting new to learn isn't there .......a really good day out.