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October 22nd, 2006



They say a change is is as good as a rest...certainly it is a change to be in Newcastle again........and good to be with T.
L & H are staying in Whitley Bay for a girly weekend and I got a lift. T cooked a magnificent Curry yesterday teatime after we had been out as a four at Lunch Time.I had a BBC Panini....nothing to do with the BEEB.....it stands for Bacon,Brie and cranberry, a combination I have enjoyed before in Pannini and in Baguettes, it was really superb, and came with pasta salad and fresh salad the pasta with olives and the fresh salad with dressing....it was truly delicious...
This morning we went to Church at Heaton.......new minister good to listen to, sermon excellent with a lovely illustration to finish and a song to close the service with....... the custom here has been to finish with the sermon......
Then a faith lunch at Church, an afternoon with T including time with flatmates, toasted cheese rolls for tea and a quiiet evening.
Will try the coast tommorrow unless it is actually bucketing down,and take the metro to Whiltey Bay and walk back to Teignmouth.

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