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November 7th, 2006


The Mill

Meltham is or rather was a mill town.....not sure whether it was wool or cotton, the cotton tended to be in Lancashire where it was wetter and the wool in Yorkshire where it was not so wet, only the dampness here is more like Lancashire than the drier eastern parts of the West Riding. When we arrived in August there were two mills on the road leading out to where we are.Neither of them was still working. Today there is only one and a little bit, and the bit should disappear finally tomorrow and notices have been posted concerning planning applications to demolish the other ,and the applications have gone through.
Its sad to see the icons of a former age disappearing though if every mill building had survived there would be an awful lot of redundant Mills around. Some have been converted into flats , some into museums, some into warehouses, and retail outlets but the vast majority have just gone .....as with the present casualty of progress...The long stone window sills have ben sorted out by the demolition men and are stacked neatly on one side of the site, the stones have been bulldozed into  skips and will be recycled as building stone and great lengths of timber and steel have been sorted out from the rubble. Lots of the smaller wood has been burnt. Next thing will be the building of some stonefaced "luxury houses" at a density you would not have found on a council housing estate  after the second world war and another bit of architecture that has given the town its  character  has gone for ever.