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November 8th, 2006



Originally uploaded by jonquil_d_photo.

Don't know why I picked this one to attempt to blog with, must be about the worst of my shots on flickr. I only included it there because it was a part of my record of the day ......but it attracted one view.....perhaps someone was trying to see more clearly what isn;t very clear........I think they were pink footed geese. Have never seen them grazing on city lawns before even though these lawns were up the slopes of Clifford's Tower.

The York trip was a really good day out,you can see the photo record on Flickr.

On the bird theme ....had a pleasant surprise today and added no 19 to my list in the Meltham garden since August when i saw my first long tailed tit of the season on the rose bushes in the front garden......strange really because the longtails came to the front garden first in Reedley.