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November 24th, 2006


No man is an island

Isn't it amazing just how many ways there are of allowing other people and what they do to get under your skin.
We moved here in mid summer and for the past few months what we thought was a quiet country area has been a hive of activity and activity means noise and it means movement and movement means vehicles so rant on

the guy who lived here before and let the hedges get out of control
the cars that for a time parked opposite   our drive and made turning the big car out more difficult than it needed to be
the noise makers, the lawnmowers, the hedge trimmers the stone cutters the power drillers, the miscellaneous hammerers and things that go bump in the night and the early morning
the neighbour with a twenty four hour emergency flood light
the council that provides a rubbish clearance service , but when they think they will and on their terms.
the postman who comes every day(not Sundays) at the end of the morning and not first thing.....
the neighbour at the back with the thirty foot hedges which take all your light, at least in the winter months,

but life is like that, and we cut our own hedges and lawns and have out trees trimmed and have visitors who need to park on the road because the drive isn't big enough for more than two cars......and we have to accept we are surrounded by other people some of whom are going to be affected by what we do...........and so ......
we need to remember that how we carry out our own activities might not be  high doh for the rest of the world and we need  to be thoughtful of others  when we make noise for example
perhaps we need  a good supply of useful activities to focus our thinking on and then we won't have time to worry about others
and perhaps we ought to spare a thought for the  other people in the world who   don't have what we have to complain about  and don't enjoy any of the many blessings which we all take for granted.