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December 2nd, 2006


Party Time

Stayed with my youngest last night, he has a house to himself and lots of room but needed some help as he is still in the process of moving in.....I am supposed to be an expert at that, this is our twelfth home since we married, at any rate I stayed the night and I guess between us we did manage to achieve a minor transformation in that the hall is fit to welcome folk into and the sitting room is useable and the kitchen is clean and everything is in its place.My other half came at tea time to take me home, its really awkward not being able to drive for twelve months, as she walked in she passed me a carrier bag and said:
"Go and change."
"We're going out"
"Wait and see"
I knew it wasn't Liverpool, my daughtere was away in the south for the weekend.
I soon knew we were not going home...we took the Preston Road.
WE had to be heading back for Burnley....that could only be one of two places if it was a home we were heading for,there were two couples with whom we shared evenings eating.....well I was right in that much and as we walked up the drive to A & S's and rang the doorbell, A opened the door with a broad grin on her face......balloons in the hall and birthday banners with a number of years on it,
oh she said we thought we'd do chinese tonight as its your special day on Monday.As we sat in the lounge sipping white Schloer, the door bell rang and one of our neighbours in Burnley poked her head round the door and was invited in....in half an hour there was a room full,of acquaintances: I was the last to know we were meeting to celebrate my birthday. Chinese meal be blowed..... between them they had provided for a Jacob's Join par excellence, and knowing my partiallity for the colour yellow it had all been planned in Yellow, plates, cutlery, napkins, the birthday cake. "A" must have been planning it for months and I just hadn't a clue. It was a lovely evening, sad that we couldn;t take up the offer of an overnight stopover, as there was work for L. this morning but it was a smooth journey home with out holdups. The town lights as we crossed over the Pennines were relatively dimmed compaired to what we had seen on the journey in, the valleys looked jewelled and sparkled and the moon shone brightly though not quite full. It was certainly a night to remember.