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December 6th, 2006


Party Time 2

Well, what a night after a wonderful day out.
I had picked a museum in Sheffield as our target for a day out,and we travelled via a Coffee shop in Holmfirth.There was a Scottish lady and her two grown up children there and we had a great laugh.

Then via the Park and Ride in Sheffield that connects by tramway to the University. From there it was a short walk to Weston Park Museum, that only been open since October.It was a modern museum with interactive exhibits and lots of multimedia links all alongside some traditional museum stuff that included a polar bear and a stuffed lion and Rhino and a living bee colony (though that was quite sluggish, not unsurprisingly as it is December).We had lunch at the Museum ,only light but enough for midday. I had a tunamelt Pannini, served with a side salad, or should I say a salad garnish, and a cup of tea and L had a jacket potato with tuna.
Thence back by Tram to the Park and Ride and a short journey home in the dark and the rain but considering that the first forcast we heard for today was absolutely dire weatherwise we did quite well. The morning was beautiful....
as for tonight that was another secret. I knew we were going out but no idea where until we got there.
In the event we drove a matter of three hundred yards and parked. My first experience of that sort of Indian restaurant thou I suspect there were Bengali links.
At the start of the evening we were the only folk there , don't know how such places keep going . By the end there were a few more but not many.
We were brought the menus and ordered drinks first which came quite quickly. There were two total abstainers and a driver in the group of four,so not a lot of alcohol....
Then Papadums and a chutney tray. I was going to say they were flat but they undulated, and cracked into pieces like biscuits without being biscuity, and there were five small pots of different sauces to spoon onto them.
I generally like seafood and chose a fish dish....Chittle Kufta, supposed to be bengali fish in a tomato and pepper sauce (slightly hot the menu said...and it was) I wasn't sure it was very fishy, the nearest to it I had experienced before was a meatball marinara at a Subway,but it was nice enough. I think the others all had different chicken dishes. After the main courses we were brought slices of orange and warmed hand cloths,the others decided coffee was enough to finish but I couldn't resist a hazel nut icecream, absolutely delicious and quite different from anything I had had before. There were mints with the coffee. I drank mine black with one spoonful of brown sugar.
I was glad I was not the one driving back to Liverpool afterwards.
It had been a memorable and delightful day.