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December 11th, 2006


Starting to feel human again

I won't say I wanted to die, but late Saturday night I was hit by something that made me feel awful...so I slept very little,.......am just starting to feel like a human being again, I was supposed to be reading the lessons Sunday morning but had to cry off,that day I was totally miserable.....didn't feel much better today, I must have been unbearable to live with. Tonight I managed to eat about a quarter of a potato and three square inches of turkey escallope,with a few pieces of grilled mushroom and fewer slices of tomato. There's absolutely no way I could contemplate doing a six mile walk tomorrow just for fun, though I might feel like doing it when the time comes, and I might not, so I cancelled the lift.
It could have happened Christmas eve, so I suppose I should be thankful, the other memorable time was on honey moon, though that was food poisoning, I had a custard pie and L didn't so she wasn't affected. No idea what could have caused this. I'm told there is a twenty four hour bug doing the rounds.
Lets hope there is something happier to report next time.