December 14th, 2006


Human again

Twenty four hour bug indeed...... it lasted at least 72 hours.....but I am definitely feeling like a human being again.
Had to cry off from my monthly walk on Tuesday and the study group on Wednesday. Missing the walk also meant I missed playing the piano for the carol service, which would have been a first since we moved into Yorkshire.
Still two good things out of that. I missed the walk, but I also missed a soaking, it didn't stop raining from start to finish and was one of the worst from a weather point of view on record.......The second good thing was that the pianist who actually played and wouldn't have done if I had, was far better than I would have been.

Today has continued the wetness of the week generally.The wind has been howling off the moor. The bird table was sent crtashing to the ground, fortunately no damage done.
On Tuesday morning, the wheelie bins out for collection(they come early here) were all over the place,some in the middle of the road,some tipped over and sprawling contents, others just moved around a bit.

This morning I was blown into Meltham for my visit to the Dentist. I don't think one can ever say going to the dentist is nice, but it is good here to be able to book a visit within twenty four hours if need is there, I had broken a tooth that had started to give pain, and to be able to walk in to the surgery.
In Lancashire for a time we had dentists, but each time it needed a car journey to get there..
This dentist is nice with it...... the gentlest hands about the mouth I have ever experienced..........but then I never had a female dentist before.

At lunchtime it was over to Brockholes for the church fellowship Christmas first proper meal since Saturday......There had been a choice for the first two courses, made in advance,and we were handed slips of paper by the church organiser telling us what we had ordered. How often in the past have I seen people turn up at such events having ordered maybe weeks earlier, and having quite forgotten what they asked for. Here there was no doubt.
My starter was Black Pudding, a crunchy ball of succulence served with a garnish of salad, and caramelised apple slices.....absolutely gorgeous.
I had chosen salmon for my main course, and there was niceslice of fish, served with new potatoes, roast potatoes, carrots,and parsnips
We then had to make our choices for desert(sweet)(pudding)
I won't say it was an impossible choice to make, because everyone made a choice, but the options included icecream, Christmas Pudding, chocolate fudge cake, a lcoal cheesecake speciality and what I thought was the most delightful sweet I had ever tasted, a brandysnap basket filled with a scoop of icecream and garnished with a generous supply of summer fruits, raspberies, strawberries, blackcurrants red currants and I'm not sure what else. All rounded off with coffee, which I took black with one spoon of brown sugar .....all that in pleasant surroundings and in congenial company
and despite the recnet bad tum and the dental treatment I was able to enjoy it.What more could one wish for?