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December 19th, 2006


Blue skies up above................

............even if everyone is not in love,and it is far too cold to go up the lazy river with anyone.

The other day I was talking on the phone to my sister....yes miracles do still happen...I hope we are going to keep up contact from time to time, when there was thump on the door. A strange woman stood there and blurted " I'm C.... We,ve got a van going from across the road in a few minutes, do you want to put your tree on it, there's plenty of room."
So the not yet new neighbours were getting rid of their conifer that had lain in their front garden since it was cut down three months ago,when they bought the house.Since then it has been like an industrial site with skips and vans and lorries......apparently they move in tomorrow and they must have noted our "hedge cuttings" they had been on our lawn about three weeks, three or four inch stems from the laurel,that had need a power saw to cut down. The local council reckon to collect garden rubbish but when I phoned they said it had to be in bundles and how many bundles were there. When I said it wasn't quite like that they said Oh we don;t do tree branches, so that was that for a time. If I had still been driving I would have put it into the car and ferried it to the tip , I guess it wouold have come to that if it had stayed much longer and L would just have to have driven, busy though she is with work in the pre Christmas season.
At any rate that is how our front lawn now has yellow patches on it instead of Laurel branches.
Now the sun is shining.I found the dud bulb in the tree set and changed it the Christmas lights are working too. The children will all be here by the weekend.....