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December 23rd, 2006


Mad Saturday

So there is chaos in the airports and the TV news suggested mad chaos in the shops today but I wnet into Huddersfield this morning and the streets and the shops were all half empty, no crush anywhere,that was the town centre...apparently it wasn't quite like that at the supermarkets...at the same time I found space L. tried to find a parking space at Sainsburies and it just didn't exist.
Any way I used my bus pass for the first time, walked to the bus station, found the place where the Meltham buses go from and as I got to the stop a bus pulled in, I stepped on, loads of space,
showed my pass and went and sat down. Then driven in comfort all the way back to Meltham. I reached out and pressed a bell at waist height as the bus left the stop before mine and that was that... a short walk at this end, but less than if I had gone to the shops in Meltham. You get a different view from a bus, you can see over the hedges that you see the side of from a car.
Just before lunchtime the rest of the family arrived.T had been out with L seeking Sainsburies but they had to make do with ASDA. and H arrived with B.having picked him up en route from Liverpool. So we are together again. T. cooked lunch and we all sat down together as a family.....