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March 22nd, 2012


...just got to laugh.....

In Britain we have wheely bins for each householder to put litter and recycling into( the exact use of recycling bins varies from area to area) so outside our church we have a grey bin for non-recyclable rubbish and a green bin for stuff like clean paper, cans and plastic bottles that can be recycled.
Next door to the church stands the old church building that was sold and recycled and now houses six flats and two offices...
It must be a year or so now since the church bins which stood adjacent to the fence and opposite the entrance to the flats were getting stuffed with all sorts of loose, unwrapped and sometimes stinking household waste...and we had to find a new place for our bins.
This morning as I walked around the back of the church building I came upon the bin storage area for the flats, perhaps twenty or thirty yards from the flats' door.
On the fence to this area, neatly printed and laminated was a notice which said:
" These bins are only for the use of the occupants of the flats, and not for any nearby offices or businesses."

Well I thought it was funny anyway....