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April 5th, 2012


White Easter?

Yesterday there was six inches of snow locally and quite early I decided I was not going to make it to the 7.00 meditation, normally twenty minutes walk away. A speaking engagement in Holmfirth was cancelled (and rebooked for September). The afternoon two hour stint of exhibition watching(stewarding) in the village centre church went ahead but in two hours there was one visitor,a member of one of the village churches who had only heard about it from a shop window poster, who turned up one minute before closing time and then having accepted the booklet spent the next fifteen minutes looking and sitting ...... Last evenings meeting was also off though travelling would have been possible in then rapidly thawing conditions..
This morning at 6.30 it had frozen hard. The remnants of yesterdays snow were rock solid and there were patches of black ice.This meant that it was neccessary to watch every step of the way and it took the edge off the pleasure of teh walk. I was glad of the offer of a lift back home. Now it looks bright and temperatures are climbing again...it will be much more difficult to clear the frozen snow than it would have been to clear the thawing mush yesterday.