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May 11th, 2012



No that's not a film producer's instruction or a reference to a long overdue visit to the shop of the red and white pole.....its the grass....I don't think I can grace it with the title of lawn....
The grass at the front and back of the house has had its second cut of the year today...April has been so wet and the raininess has continued into May that everything has been too wet to do anything with....if I were to wait for ideally dry grass before cutting it it would still not be done but after a stiff breeze howled down our road all day there had been a certain drying effect by this afternoon and it was just about do-able. One neighbour over the road has just done his and now has a shaved yellow patch between his house and the footpath...I suspect that he had not got a first cut earlier in the year....and it will look ghastly for a little while. Mine is at least green even if when you look closely at it, a lot of the green is moss.
Last year I had cut several times before the Celandine were finished and had cut around them to leave them chance to flower. This year they had blossomed and finished during the wet spell so I didn't need to worry about them. The may flower is however coming into bloom and I have left several areas around mayflower plants uncut so that it can blossom and hopefully set seed for another year.
The dandelions have had a wonderful season and have blossomed and set seed almost unnoticed...I didn't worry about cutting them down even if it is not true as I heard one person claim recently that they will grow absolutely anywhere. They won't.They are very temperature specific as to where their seed will germinate and they do best where grass is cut and kept short and is subject to full sunlihgt for much of the day. Long grass provides shade for the ground and prevents the temperature needed for germination from being reached. Areas permaently shaded by towering leylandii also do not serve.At one point I could see a triangle at one corner of the lawn where the dandies flourished, a corner which caught the early morning and late afternoon sun.
Also doing well this spring were some violets self set since my arrival having spread from plants growing in the tops of plant pots around the base of the long dead plants I brought with me from Burnley. I'm quite sure I was not too careful about cutting around them. They grow like weeds.They are weeds when they grow where they are not wanted.
Have put the polythene protection back over the geranium bed for what will be the last time.I ask you what are you meant to do : the plants were ready and I bouyght thme at the start of May and having no greenhouse or room inside to store them and keep them I had no option but to plant them out...in May mark you and then we had night frosts forecast for a number of nights and I knew that without protection they would all die....so a plastic mattress cover cut down both sides and draped over some otherwise eredundant bits of stick and weighted down with bits of stone and old bits of wood did the trick......more or less. Some plants were still frost damaged bit as far as I can tell they will all survive and there is a frost forecast for tonight so it has goneback on...should be alright after that.Well I hope so.