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May 23rd, 2012


"Do I have a right to be angry?"

For years I refused to do anything to the front garden except to cut the grass and keep the hedge tidy, having reduced it from fifteen feet to a more manageable four, and having filled two holes in the lawn. Then last year(it might have been the end of the year before) I dug a border and planted Wallflowers which put on a wonderful display for weeks. This year I decided I would try my luck with geraniums and three days after planting out we had a succession of unseasonal frosts but they were forecast and I managed to find some polythene sheeting,(a mattress cover that should have been thrown away when I took the mattress out of it but it might just come in useful so it was stored,)and somehow I think they all survived the frosts though some were a little bit frost bitten despite my efforts.
This morning early after to hot days and more to come I went out to water the said plants although the best time to water them would be in the evening. Sadly I discovered that a car or a van or maybe a lorry had driven up over the pavement and onto the garden and flattened three or four of the plants......and I was angry...if a driver can't turn in the road without going up onto the pavement and over a garden border he shouldn't be driving... and then I remembered Jonah.

"And God said to Jonah "Do you have a right to be angry about the vine?"
"I do," he said. I am angry enough to die.""(Jonah 4.9)

....and I reflected that there are far worse things in the world than flattened plants and every day I read and hear and see about the way people treat people and how the consequenceas of mens a tions affect others and they are all God's people....and somehow we have all become hardened to it and let it pass.

But then sin is sin and we have all missed the bus and if we have missed the bus it doesn't matter if we see it drive out of the station or get there an hour or five hours late, we have missed the bus...and the amazing thing is God is still with us and caring for us and wanting us to do things better and if we allow him, by his spirit to guide us things can be better and I can forgive the driver but I am still left with crushed geraniums and I can pray for the world and the needy but there are still children who starve and suffer all kinds of abuse and something needs to be done about it.