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June 7th, 2012


Little Birds

Just re read something I wrote when I started my wildlife blog (Wild Rhubarb Patch) almost two years ago now.....that the little birds had disappeared whilst we were away on holiday.....the squirrel has certainly not been seen in a long time...and our little birds seem to be back or some of them.
Great tit's still missing, and we never had bull finches here (two odd visits) and the chaffinch seems to have a preference to the neighbours willow to our lawn. But the gold finches were back again this morning, as were coal tits and a blue tit. Both House sparrows and Dunnocks have been more or less ever present for months. I find it really odd how they manage to turn up in the garden so aften, at exactly the same time.Both are now feeding young.Baby dunnock was being fed this morning and in flew baby house sparrow; hopped right into the midst of the feeding and stood around looking hopeful....hopes not fulfilled! Sad really but fascinating to watch.