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June 12th, 2012


Planning a group walk for those no longer as y oung as they used to be.

The group meets monthly and we start from a different church each month and go out for a two hour walk before sharing a picnic meal(take your own) in the host church with cups of tea provided....sounds easy enough until you actually have to plan the group walk. Some of the walkers have been at it for years. Me, I'm a newcomer, only been here six years, and there are times when I can't find my own way round let alone take a group of twenty or thirty others on tour.
Did an explore the other week in wonderfully dry conditions and a check out yesterday after torrential rain over the weekend....underfoot had changed totally in places
Got lost on the explore walk but finally found my way round my intended route. Fantastic views from the "Dunnock Road" which cuts across the side of Meltham Cop. I've been looking at it for six years since we came to Meltham and at last I got out onto it.The hilltop is not "access land" and on the trial run there was a huge bull with a herd of cows in the hill top field so I was not tempted to stray off the track.
On the chekc out yesterday we discovered that though part of the walk was passable (a friend and I did walk it) we judged it too wet and slippery for a big group so had to replan that bit with a deviation along the village road.
The next choice was whether to include the track beside the Catchwater drain or not which could be done by two of us in the time available but with about a dozen stiles on route I judges it would take too long for a party of twenty plus (24 actually walked)so we came back on roads with thirty minutes to spare....it would have been sooner had I not put in an extra deviation around a couple of blocks of village roads.
At any rate the weather was kind: it stayed dry and it was not too hot and not too cold, in fact it was about right from a temperature point of view....
so we settled early to our picnic lunches and poured cups of tea from a huge brown teapot before I made the second part of a slide show I had prepared for the Bird Group last September, having shown the first part at the previous walk from Meltham......so haviong had Meltham Birds last time today we had Birds of the Reserves and from further afield. I had an attentive and appreciative audience who laughed in all the right places...so a good day....I think...