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June 17th, 2016


More or less daylight...

Its four fifteen .It's more or less daylight and beyond the window nothing stirs....
but that's not quite true to say "nothing stirs." There is a light breeze and the towering Silver Birch that dominates the view is doing a lazy dance- just swaying a little- feet transfixed somewhere out of view amongst the bungalows.The other smaller trees around it are swaying too.
The sky, not quite uniformly grey awaits the coming of the sun and the world sleeps, no sign of life- no lit window- no wisps of smoke or steam - cars sleep silent by the kerbs and wheely bins four mornings after the Monday collections are yellow stickered with promised penalties if they are not returned to home ground. At 4.34 a corvid silhouetted against the eastern sky skims roof top levels but the ranked stacks of the terrace are void of avian life. A gull drifts across the sky with a hurrying jackdaw pair signalling the awakening of the day and I decide it is time to return to bed for a few more hours of sleep.