April 2nd, 2018



It's Easter Bank Holiday Monday.No one in this house is going anywhere. Snow falls silently....and the whole world is going white....rooftops , hedge tops, the grass patch...I can hear my eldest pedant  say "that's not the whole world"...(to be pedantic I can only imagine him say that  at a distance of 100 miles plus...) The house is quiet...not silent...it is the snow that is silent....but all the electronic noise machines, television, radio, CD player are turned off  and no one has chosen to intrude our quiteness with phone calls....but the word is still quiet, not silent.

At the front of the house,from time to time the tyres of a passing vehicle swish an inch of slush from their tracks though the vehicle engines are for the most part happily quiet. At the back of the house as I stand and watch the whiteness of the garden, I become aware of the beat of the kitchen clock, each tick jerking the second hand a fraction further round the dial.

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