April 5th, 2018


Alpha Course tonight ....

and it has almost run its course...after tonight's sessions but two sessions more before this course reaches its Omega..

The course consists of about a dozen sessions of teaching, normally presented on DVD about aspects of the Christian faith. These sessions normally follow on a simple meal shared by the group and   are followed by an opportunity to talk together about what has been seen and heard. Towards the end of the course three sessions are taken together, usually on a weekend and away from the usual base. These can be done on one day or spread over a weekend program though the away day  rather than weekend is favoured because of financial considerations.

Tonight the focus was on telling others about our faith, including talking to others about the Alpha course...not something some of us find easy....for myself I can go a week without meeting anybody apart from those I meet at church .....makes  telling others a bit difficult.

So why should we tell others...what should we tell others ...and I think    the first reason has to be that Jesus told his disciples( that includes us) to go and tell....

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