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I remember the days when I used to use LJ to relieve my feelings about the bad driving I used to see travelling to Newcastle and back to visit T.Not done a post like that for a bit, possibly because at the moment I am not driving at all. DVLA have told me that the equipment that was used to do the eyesight tests that resulted in my having my licence revoked, a few years ago now, has been discovered to have been faulty. A fresh application is in process and I have a test on what is hopefully a better calibrated machine shortly....
.....be that as it may, tonight I was travelling as a passenger into Burnley to take advantage of the nearly empty (of customers) shopping available at Tescos. Approaching waiting traffic at lights we were overtaken by two cars driven at speed which by some miracle managed to pull up at the stop line, one behind the other, only for the second to pull out into the centre lane for oncoming traffic and park beside the lead car.As the lights changed they roared off and we commented that we hoped we wouldn't come across their wreckage a bit further down the road.
Fortunately we did not but there was half the front of a car in one of the side roads that we passed on the way into town, perhaps the result of someone else's bad driving.
Coming home a cyclist wobbled out from the kerb to the centre line, no signal, and only a flashing dim rear light, and head to toe in dark clothing.Fortunately he was seen and our speed was low enough not to endanger the gentleman but we reflected together on what might have been had our two "friends" from the inward journey been in our place, as he made his ill advised and highly dangerous manoeuvre.