John D (jonquil_d) wrote,
John D

Watery wetness continues.........

Well I'm not sure what it is but something is happening to the weather, statistically the last twelve years have been warm in comparison to the years of the preceeding century,even since records began.....the ice in the Arctic is said to be thinning every year, if it does melt and turn the northern snowcaps into ocean then there are unknown implications for accelerated changes to the world's climatic systems.

In the past few weeks we have had wetness on wetness, in some parts four or five inches of rain falling in a single day, not just once but repeatedly over a short period of days, no wonder there are flood warnings.

The big question is why?
The El Ninyo effect in the Pacific area has been doing all sorts of funny things to the weather systems for some time now .
It is known what happens but again the question is why?

The first thing that needs to be said is that the worlds climates have never been constant, there has always been change, and some changes in the past have been way larger than the changes currently operating and some of those changes have certainly taken place without any help from greenhouse gases caused by burning fossil fuels .......

Global dimming is largely unrecognised but actually reduces the insolation of the earths surface (the amount of heat and light which arrives from the sun and is available to plants for growth.)

There are also variations in the sun spot cyc;les which affect the insolation of the earths surface and may prove to casue far larger variations in earth heating than CO2 or any other of the so called greenhouse gases.

The case is far from proven.
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